» postcards - a compilation cd-r

this is a split cd-r sampler released by ugly dog records and livingroom. it includes songs by mr6o and aspooncalledphranc (who also appear on the pio pio bird theme compilation tape), as well as songs by the puddle parade, microtec and teledroom. a mix of pop, lo-fi, accoustic and electro.

» songs

o1.yeepee - rock'n roll love story
o2.board of directors - ethel residence
o3.mardukh - beauty
o4.benjamin b - only skin
o5.goldstar - minotaur toybox
o6.sykosonic - ray
o7.the puddle parade - triangle
o8.bugmen - waiting
o9.roy s. - when will it happen
1o.microtec - likewise
11.aspooncalledphranc - your lifeguard
12.my sister susan - take my hand
13.mr' 6o car race
14.the heights - do you love yourself?
15.the original beekeepers - light moves darkness
16.louisa lilani & john prop - nicky
17.the fire harvest - and the privilege of good sense
18.indigo silence - the silence
19.teledroom - nothing to loose, nothing to gain

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