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» polyphonal - a phone dogma compilation tape

february 2oo7

this is #2 of the dogma / theme compilation series on delirious riot | tapes. while recording the songs a telephone had to be used in any way (as sound source, recording device or whatever people would think of..) the outcome are 19 phone songs on 63 minutes of tape plus a bonus 3" cd-r with 2 additional songs. styles and genres range from electronica and sound-sample-collages to lo-fi and drony ambient. the tape comes with an 16 pages handmade booklet and a unique button.

» side 1 a (tape)
o1.pequeña fiera! - i always phone you ouh ouh when you sleep
o2.sinebag - bonferroni telefon [mp3]
o3.vollmar - this one's me
o4.nilo - first date [mp3]
o5.layne garrett - jorge
o6.haruki - when the light of the security post is all you see [mp3]
o7.el necho - tone
o8.chapi chapo & les petites musiques de pluie - pour un flirt
o9.pernath - senegal (skype version)
1o.manipulator alligator - i'm a hateful monster

» side 1 b (tape)
o1.pear - perpetual
o2.bloedrood - your place or myspace?
o3.loup - tslilut [mp3]
o4.marcel türkowsky - voices for strings
o5.bacanal intruder - delirious phoned tapes
o6.vowels - customer care
o7.tiger piss - white cassette
o8.minitchêv - untitled
o9.ribbons of song - walky talkies

» side 2 (bonus 3"cd-r)
o1.machinefabriek - spooktelefoontoon
o2.wouter van veldhoven - het meisje die haar toetsen niet blokkerde

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