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» pio pio - a bird theme compilation tape

august 2oo6

this is the first theme compilation on delirious riot | tapes and this time the theme was quite simple and self-explaining, right? the outcome is 66 minutes of tape filled with 2o bird songs of different styles and genres ranging from lo-fi to freakfolk, with excursions to soundscapes, electrotrash and even pop. it comes with a 1o pages handmade booklet.

» side a
o1.sparky deathcap - bird brain
o2.check out my skinny fists - i'd rather watch you
o3.marcel türkowsky - for birds around chinese balloons [mp3]
o4.the up set - park benchmarks
o5.e.claire légère - best boy electric
o6.tschilp - gelb mit rosa punkten
o7.tea and toast band - caladrius counting
o8.mr60 - out of the window
o9.bloedrood - across the sea [mp3]
1o.rivulets - birds for ellen

» side b
o1.ben and bruno - pack of light blue birds [mp3]
o2.pulses and beans - the bird
o3.drekka - camera
o4.anni rossi - berds going
o5.adrian orange - in your sky of thoughts what the clouds are
o6.hello hands - ...you know how i feel
o7.aspooncalledphranc - gunther geeser vs. gabi goose
o8.the inhibitionists - (open your door to a) winged world
o9.annelies monseré - straatmus
1o.vollmar - onflashingred [mp3]

» sold out!

one month after release all 1oo copies i made were already gone. i never expected the tape to sell out that quickly.. you might still be able to grab a tape though: at bluesanct or via aspooncalledphranc ..
thx again to all who helped to make this happen!!!

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